Honfleur to Picquigny – 11 July

Heading for home now.  Route from Honfleur to Picquincy:

Important information:  If you leave the A16 north of Amiens (at J21) hoping to find a supermarket, just go to the Super-U you drive past, even if you are looking for the Intermarché down the road.  The Intermarché appears to have been taken over by Romulans who have hidden it using their cloaking technology – you will never find it.  Fortunately, Picquincy itself  has a small Carrefour.  Unfortunately, it has about 10 parking spaces, of which we took up four.  Never mind, we now have enough food and drink to last us until after the public holiday, when we will hit the road for the channel.

Of course it is raining again, and cold, so in France, in July, with the heating on.

Also note that filling stations are few and far between on this route so don’t embark on it with a nearly empty tank.

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