Stuff we left behind…

…But shouldn’t have.

All the Aires:

How could we forget that?!

Tea towels:

We brought tea towels but not enough.  Only brought three, should have brought six.


Our low wattage toaster is rubbish and we didn’t think we needed one.  However, as it is easier to get the right sort of bread outside UK these days, it would have come in handy.  Let’s buy a decent one, though.

Electric hotplate:

We bought one of these years ago when our gas regulator went faulty but left it behind this trip as there is nothing we can do with it that we can’t do on gas.  Gas has become a precious commodity this trip so it would be great to be able to save some provided there are enough amps available to operate the electric one.

Pail with a handle:

So much easier than carrying the dirty dishes around in a bowl.

Freezer blocks:

Used to use these all the time when tent camping but even with a proper fridge it does no harm to keep a few in the freezer while stationary and transfer to the fridge when moving.  Shame we  have a cupboard full of these at home, now we have even more.

Cassette toilet lip seal:

You may not need one, but if you do need one you’ll wish you’d brought on with you.  We thought we did, but in fact didn’t, but we are still on the lookout for one just in case.  Might as well bring some of the lubricant as well.

Shaving related stuff:

Get two complete sets of everything you need, one for the motorhome and one for the house.  Relying on a single system will mean it getting left behind, and that is annoying.

Something do deal with flies:

Nothing more annoying than a fly getting inside, since once in, they can’t get back out unless you open a window.  Once a window is open, more flies come in.  So some electric device is required that will attract any flies and then fry them.  Such a gadget must exist.

Battery tester:

With all these rechargeable batteries we are carrying around it would be good to know which ones are charged and which ones are flat.  Small cheap ones are available at Amazon.