Cheddar – September 2022

“Road Ahead Closed” doesn’t always mean the road you are on – it could be a side road, and as there were no diversion signs and nothing to suggest any issues we carried on.  MISTAKE.  Back we went (where of course there were plenty of diversion signs) through Wells and onto the lorry route to Cheddar.  Not a motorhome-friendly route and far better to approach  the place from the other direction,

Cheddar village centre is ok with most of what you need while the walk up to the gorge reveals more interesting bars, tea rooms and gift shops.  Trouble is by the time you walk from the campsite to the gorge you don’t feel like walking much more, let alone climbing up to the viewing points.  There is loads of parking at the gorge, so maybe a place better visited by car.  A place to return to after doing a bit more research.

Cheddar tourist part – Arthur been here?

There is public transport to Wells and Weston and a few other places.  We went to Wells for an afternoon – busy but pleasant.

Wells Cathedral

The Bishop’s Palace


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