Crossways – September 2022

Getting into Salisbury was bad, but getting out was worse.  No matter – Crossways was easy enough:

Two campsites here – Caravan Club one where we were and the Camping and Caravaning Club one pretty much next door.  Oddly, the latter is the more manicured of the two.  The Camping Club one has composting toilets and they did smell a bit but not of compost – just an odd whiff which was neither fragrant or unpleasant and no reason for anybody to be put off.  Just don’t drop your phone down the loo.

Train station next door has a regular service to Weymouth, Dorchester, Poole, and further afield.  We skipped Dorchester (probably a mistake) and went to Weymouth and the Saturday and Poole on the Sunday,  Weymouth was pleasant  with a castle to go round whereas Poole seems a bit less interesting but featuring boat cruises.  Unfortunately on a Sunday on a bank holiday weekend, the place was mobbed and so were the cruises.

Who ate all the pies?

Tudor toilet where the pies ended up

Portland Castle


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