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Tewksbury – September 2021

Plan was to go to Dorset, maybe Minehead since we don’t see the sea often these days and the weather is still ok.  Plan stuffed by the fuel shortages with the crisis still in full flow.  Tewksbury seemed like a good idea, since it is only 100 miles away,  more or less on the way home and has shops and good public transport links.  We still have a possibility of moving somewhere else afterwards should the crisis abate.  Every petrol station we passed on the way had queues or was deserted, and none had any diesel.  Load of cars going into every motorway services.

Day one was very pleasant – sunshine and people sitting out even though it could hardly be described as warm.  Here is the abbey bathed in sunlight:

Tewksbury Abbey

Day two rained cats and dogs all day.  Not going out in that, so no wine and still no fuel.

Day three and very cold out.  Got the bus to Cheltenham which took longer than expected,  The bus passed many petrol stations, all of them with queues to get in and yellow tags on the diesel pumps saying “not is use”.  Cheltenham was freezing and not much fun, but at least we got to see a half-man half-bull person:

The Minotaur and the Hare

We did not intend to go home this early, but the fuel situation is hopeless.  Home is a couple of hours away from here and we have enough diesel to get there – just.  Meanwhile, government ministers rant on about there being plenty of fuel at the refineries, so no crisis.  My arse – if it can’t get to the pumps, I can put it in my tank, so their words are as empty as the petrol stations.  And idiot in chief, I mean Chief Secretary to the Treasury, says that the shortage of lorry drivers (which is causing all of this) is nothing to do with brexit.  Really?  That was a waste of an expensive and elaborate education.  Muppets.

Sparkford, Somerset – September 2021

Next stop Sparkford:

Why come to this small village a few miles from Yeovil?  Simple – this.

An excellent collection of vehicles, mostly free of the ropes that usually fence off access to the exhibits,  meaning we can walk around most of them  Well done to Haynes for setting it up like this. 

Lancia Flavia convertable

1939 Delahaye

Delahaye interior

1936 Auburn

Why are all the cars I picked red?

Breaking news – fuel crisis.  Not so much panic buying when we got here but the pumps were dry by the time we left.  200 miles from home with just over half a tank of fuel, maybe about 250 miles worth in real world driving.  Pants – this holiday is coming to an end. 

Winchester – September 2021

Another mini-holiday kicking off from Birmingham. Next stop Winchester:

The campsite is due to close for refurbishment, to reopen next summer.  We’ll be back then as it’s a handy distance from the midlands and an easy drive.

Usual things to see in Winchester:

Winchester Cathedral

Fine building – but they are charging money to go round it.  The French ones are usually free.

Wolvesey Castle

This one is impressive, interesting, and FREE.  No doubt if this was in France it would cost money to go round.

Chirk and Bridgenorth – July 2021

2020 was a disaster due to Covid.  We managed  to get a short break after the 2021 lockdown:

Nice Campsites and nice weather, but France this was not, which is where we would expect to be at this time of year.

Chirk Aquaduct

Tank floral arrangement at Bridgenorth

These flowerbeds at Bridgenorth were great.  In addition to the tank were other war-related subjects.  These were in the castle grounds in the upper town.  Best thing about Bridgenorth, though, were the hot spicy sausages from the butcher in the lower town, not far from the funicular.

Bognor Regis 2020

We did manage another “holiday” this year.  Going south we stayed on the M40 and doubled back to Bladon Chains whereas going north the sat nav took us north on the A roads and joined onto the M40 at Banbury.

Not many pictures taken.  Here is Scotts Farm campsite in East Wittering:

Nice campsite and nice place – the other visitors not so much.  It’s so cool for three generations of moronic chavs to cick balls around and play hide and seek around your motorhome while swinging from its wing mirrors.  Never again.  Mercifully they had gone by the time this picture was taken.

New Year and a New Motorhome

No France holidays last autumn due to sitting around waiting for a new motorhome, which arrived just as it was too late to go there, what with everything shutting down.  Although we managed a few trips to Birmingham in it before the end of 2019, it was January this year before we got to go on anything resembling an actual holiday.  Birmingham, Bristol, and Moreton in Marsh made up the itinerary, so not that much of a holiday, but better than nothing.

Of course the weather was rubbish so we took the chance to have another wander around the SS Great Britain, which was free as it was less than a year when we last visited.  A few more pictures, then.

Across the river on the way to the ship

Random store room on Board the SS Great Britain

A tub inside a tub

Slimbridge to Cirencester – 28 May 2019

We wanted to go to Tewksbury but it was full, so booked into the site at Cirencester instead.  Took the most obvious route along the A419, which is an utterly dreadful road.  We won’t be going on that one again.

Cirencester is nice, but on the Wednesday it rained cats and dogs.  Nicer on  Thursday and great pizzas at the campsite for dinner.

St John the Baptist, Cirencester