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Loches to Gien – 30 June

Three days of rain so we we decide to move on.  The weather madness is apparently something to do with some nonsense going on in the Bay of Biscay, so maybe moving east will bring some relief.  So off we go to Gien:

Neuvy-sur-Barangeon  has to be one of the most unpleasant places to drive through ever – mad chicanes, lorries in the middle of the road and all sorts.  Come on, France, build it a bypass!  Sat Nav then took us on the D30 (no lorries but rubbish road) rather than the D926 (lorries but better road) because it was less far.  Next time we do the D926,  Eventually we get to Gien and go for a walk.

More nasty looking clouds

Five minutes later it was pouring with rain and we were drenched.

Last day in June, central France, all the windows are shut and the heating is on.  Not too good.

Loches – 26 June

The cupboards are bare, the fridge is empty and it is pouring with rain.  We know from a previous visit we can get food and drink in Loches without leaving the campsite, and if it stops raining there are things to do.

Here are a couple of pictures from our previous visit:

Etchings on the walls.

Entrance to Chateau.

Brantôme – 25 June

The sun is shining again, and Brantôme is a great place.  However, rain, storms, thunder and lightning promised for the next three days so we are off tomorrow, to who knows where.  We will be back to this relaxing town and campsite sometime in the future.  But for goodness sake, mayor, get your signage sorted.

Snapped this upside down.

Three men in a boat, and all their extended family.

Brantôme – 22 June

Arrived here after a couple of uneventful nights in Limeuil, an old stomping ground from years ago.  Temperatures in high 30s, too hot to do anything energetic, but relaxing for a couple of days.  We’d never heard of Brantôme until we picked up a guide book and saw a nice picture, so off we went.

Brantôme is a nice place place but the sign posts are appalling.   Here is a tip.  If you are unlucky enough to drive your motorhome onto this street:

This really is a main road.

Do not panic, do not get out of your vehicle, and do not walk to the end of it to find out whether you can carry on or need to reverse.  If you do the locals will not like you, although the fire brigade did not seem that bothered.  Just carry on driving – all will be good.

The following day, having walked into town, two other motorhomes went down the same street, bottled it, somehow turned around and went back, probably causing even more mayhem than us.

In spite of the motoring chaos, Brantôme is small but very nice.  In keeping with the the farmyard animal theme, here is a pink pig:

Oh no, snort snort.

Saint-Emilion – 17 June

Nice place:

Cobbled streets

The also make a sparkling wine here in addition to the more well known stuff:


But who are these guys and what to they want with us?

Jurade de Saint-Emilion

In fact they are the Jurade de Saint-Emilion and mean us no harm.  The Jurade have been around for centuries but nowadays perform a ceremonial role at various stages in the wine calendar.  Wonder if they can do anything about Brexit?

Time for wine.