Brantôme – 22 June

Arrived here after a couple of uneventful nights in Limeuil, an old stomping ground from years ago.  Temperatures in high 30s, too hot to do anything energetic, but relaxing for a couple of days.  We’d never heard of Brantôme until we picked up a guide book and saw a nice picture, so off we went.

Brantôme is a nice place place but the sign posts are appalling.   Here is a tip.  If you are unlucky enough to drive your motorhome onto this street:

This really is a main road.

Do not panic, do not get out of your vehicle, and do not walk to the end of it to find out whether you can carry on or need to reverse.  If you do the locals will not like you, although the fire brigade did not seem that bothered.  Just carry on driving – all will be good.

The following day, having walked into town, two other motorhomes went down the same street, bottled it, somehow turned around and went back, probably causing even more mayhem than us.

In spite of the motoring chaos, Brantôme is small but very nice.  In keeping with the the farmyard animal theme, here is a pink pig:

Oh no, snort snort.

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