Ross-0n-Wye June 2022

Ariived at Somers Wood, Meriden, a wonderfully screaming-children-free adults only site on the outskirts of Birmingham.  Here is a bit of trek to the bus stop along a busy road but the lack of child induced mayhem make it worthwhile.  Moved on to Moreton-in-Marsh next  for a couple of nights before going back to Chapel Lane and finally to Ross-on-Wye before returning home.

The Birmingham arrival coincided with the bank holiday event at the transport museum, so here is an old bus that we got a ride on:

HOV685 at Wythall Transport Museum

Ross-on-Wye is a good place to go with decent public transport links, some interesting shops, a good butcher and a pleasant riverside walk.  Or it would have been pleasnt had we not walked up every hill in the place at least twice to try and fnd the river, eventually discovering there is a prefectly level approach through Aldi’s car park.  The campsite is a short walk to a Morrisons supermarket so no need to go hungry or thirsty.

Metal bird sculpture on riverside walk

Shop with many signs – Ross-on-Wye

We took the bus to Hereford from here.  Good shops, Cathedral, old map if you pay the money (we didn’t as we had both seen it before), and a generally very pleasant place to amble round.

Hereford Cathedral

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