Foix – 21 September 2018

Jumped on the  regular bus  outside of the campsite to get into town, quickly realising that this was a better idea than walking.  Not a ridiculous walk, but not a particularly pleasant one through the outskirts of town.  The Friday market was on when we got there – not the best market we have been to but not the worst either.

Friday Market, Foix

The  town is entirely pleasant with the historic area near the more modern part.  The old streets are pretty, with half-timbered buildings and bars dotted around.

Historic street in Foix

Château de Foix

Having made the not inconsiderable climb the the gates of the Château, it seemed pointless to pay money just to climb even higher for a view and not much else.  The guides books have not too much to say about this place, though it obviously has historical significance with one of the Simon de Montforts causing trouble, but the locals need to try a bit harder to put Foix on the tourist map, and there are signs that they are doing so.  As it is, it is an entirely pleasant place but not really worth the diversion, and nowhere to go next.  Unless there is something great about the places along the D117, but we will find that out tomorrow. Maybe.

L’Ariège, alongside the D117, out of town

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