Still in Montignac – 15 September 2018

Having a few lazy days in Montignac. We were planning to move on Sunday, but an empty fridge talked us into leaving on Monday as it craved some supermarket provisions. We should go and see the cave paintings at Lascaux, but we will leave that for another visit as we will almost certainly be back here. The caves look like a tourist nightmare, to be avoided at weekends and school holidays.

We tried and failed to find the Saturday market here, so went to the Spar shop instead,  which, while unassuming on the outside, turned out to be one of the best Spar shops ever with a great selection of local wines.  For future reference, the Saturday market appears to happen behind the church, by the river.

Wandered off for a twilight stroll around town:

Football match behind the campsite – here is the packed grandstand

Pleasant bar for an evening sip

Even the French don’t know who has right of way at this one, even though the French always have right of way

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