Moffat – 19 to 21 November 2017

We need to be getting home now, so headed south, to the Camping and Caravaning Club site at Moffat:

A strange route, but the A7 through Hawick, the A701 through the Devil’s Beeftub, and the A702 through Bigger, are all unpleasant, even if often picturesque, with the A702 by far the most depressing of the three, whether in a car or a bigger vehicle.  Sadly, most GPS systems will try to go on the A702, and ours kept protesting until around Harthill, when it finally gave up trying to re-route and then knocked 10 minutes off the journey time once it accepted that it was the M74 or nothing.  The A701 has the nicest scenery and is probably the most entertaining in a car, but a bit annoying in a larger, slower vehicle.

Moffat is an entirely pleasant place with pubs, hotels, takeaways, and all sorts of shops within an easy walk from the campsite.  There are also pleasant walks along River Annan.

It had been raining, just for a change

Dark Sky – that’s a laugh as it’s rained cats and dogs pretty much since we got here

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