Folkestone to Henley-on-Thames – 14 October 2018

Rubbish weather.   It has poured with rain all day,  Might as well be Thames-on-Henley, it is that wet.  No point in going into town with a brolly as the roads are flooded and we would get drenched by spray.

The M20 is still one of the worst roads in the country, which they have made even worse by adding three lots of roadworks between Folkestone and Maidstone.  Why bother?  It will just be a big lorry park after brexit.  Idiots.  To catch up on the fun, the M25, which already had an appalling surface, is now even worse,  These roads need to be fixed, but no, let’s instead spend billions on “smart” motorways.  Somebody is making a lot of money out of this and we wonder who?

Anyway, here we are in Henley-on-Thames at midnight, still pouring with rain, out of here tomorrow.

Could be worse, at least we have:

Things could be worse

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