Chichester – 14 to 17 October 2017

Having visited Chichester on Sunday we decided to go to Portsmouth on Monday, hopefully to see some stuff at the historic dockyard.  We got the train, which, amazingly, is cheaper than the bus (and faster).  The historic dockyard is a collection of museums and attractions, where you could easily spend a week going round.  The pricing structure is utterly confusing, with each attraction having a price.  However, a year-long ticket is available that lets you go to all the attractions for not a lot more money, which is far better value if you are here for a couple of days, or are planning to come back.  At least we think it is for a year, or maybe just until the end of the year you are in.  Who knows, it just adds to the confusion.

Anyway, we chose to get a single ticket to the submarine museum, which involved a waterbus trip across the harbour.  Landlubbers beware as getting on and off the boat is not for the clumsy or scared of water, although the conductor chap was helpful.

The museum was excellent.  Guided tours only, unfortunately, but a free-for-all in this boat would not have worked, as it was very cramped.

HMS Alliance – Submarine Museum

Origin of the phrase “Lower than a snake in a submarine toilet”

HMS Warrior

Stayed here for an extra day so got the train to Portsmouth with a view to wandering to Southsea.  We got very lost.  To get to Southsea by foot, leave the station, head away from Portsmouth, get on to Greetham Street, then to Blackfriars Road, follow the cyclepath over the main road, then get onto St Andrews road until you get to Elm Grove.  At this point you can go left to the well known Albert Road, or straight over to Southsea town center itself.  If you find yourself wandering around the university, you are lost.  There are also a couple of interesting shops on Castle Road.

Southsea is a bit odd, having obviously been well-to-do in the past, found itself a bit run down, and now appearing to be on the up again.  We’ll return to Southsea now that we know what to expect, and how to get there.

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