Tarascon to Tain-l’Hermitage – 05 October 2018

Heading for home now, and Tain-l’Hermitage is as good a place to stop as any, as was the case last year.  No riverside pitch this time, as the place is full.

Took the D35 out of Tarascon, then over the bridge onto the D2.  So far so good.  Then the idiot sat-nav decided it would be a great idea to try the D126 for a shortcut.  Not a good idea at all, and the sat-nav now has been informed we are 4000kg and not 3500kg.  That’s her told.  Just because we are allowed to go on a particular road, it doesn’t mean we want to go on that road.

The Rhône – again

Maybe tomorrow we can visit Chocolate City

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