Gien – day two, prisoners in a motorhome

Poured with rain all night.  Poured with rain all morning and afternoon which is all a bit worrying when you are 100 meters from the Loire.  Stopped raining early evening so I took the opportunity to wreck the campsite chemical toilet emptying facility.  Drenched again but not my fault, the tap just came off in my hand while it was on full power.  Turned up at reception dripping wet with the broken tap still in my hand suggesting somebody may want to take a look at the toilet block.  Non motorhome/caravan owners should probably be relieved to know that all this mess was clean, fresh water, not sewage.

Late evening and the sun comes out:

Sunshine on Gien, nearly.

Sunset somewhat obscured by smoke belching out of the local Dampierre Nuclear Power Plant:

It’s going to blow, wake up, Homer!

Finally, some sort of local event next door with tents, food, drink, and maniacs on motorbikes so we stopped in for a look:

Mad person on bike

Another mad person on bike.

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