Visited Port-Vendres – 25 September 2018

After a windy and grey yesterday, which we spent wandering around the shops, the sun has come out again. We got the bus into Collioure with a view to getting on the tourist train, which goes to Fort Saint Elme and Port-Vendres. Once again the tourist train was packed, with poor tourists packed in like sardines. We wandered the streets for a while, before getting the bus to Port-Vendres.

Pretty street in Collioure

Some colourful boats in Collioure

A scrawny bird by the beach

Port-Vendres is much more of a working port, known for its seafood.  It is still an attractive place to wander around, with bars and places to eat, but not a great deal for the tourist to do.

Street in Port-Vendres

Boat with Catalan markings

Add a chimney and recast as the Vital Spark

This is supposed to be our last night here but we still have about two weeks before needing to think about heading back north.  We have never been to Banyuls-sur-Mer so we might check that out, either by moving to the campsite or getting the bus.

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