Visited Blenheim Palace – 05 March 2019

The trouble with places like this, where the landed gentry or aristocracy fling open the doors of their country piles to the hoi polloi for a fee, is that it seems like it is all a cynical attempt to get money to finance their lavish lifestyles.  Granted,  it costs a lot to keep a house like this and its gardens in good order, and there has sadly been a lot of such structures fall into disrepair, there is always an argument that these places are too important to be left in the hands of families, and should be passed to the state for their upkeep and preservation.

When you wander around a French Chateaux and marvel at the opulence of it all, while thinking about the poor peasants who suffered building it, at least you know the aristocrats got their comeuppance in the end.  In the UK that process didn’t happen, so we got Boris Johnson as a reward.

Anyway, in the case of Blenheim, it has to be said they should have a few more rooms open to the public, give this size of the place.  Also, with all the history going on, it is very Winston-oriented – understandable, but a shame.

Good points are that there a plenty of staff, the eateries are good value with decent produce, and the shop has good quality items at not too ridiculous prices.

Blenheim Palace facade

Statue at Blenheim Palace

Blenheim Duck

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