Nevers to Donzenac – 12 September 2018

This has been an epic trek. Considering the number of bus stops we passed by there must be a decent bus service covering the part of the Loire south of Nevers, so that is worthy of further investigation for future trips. The plan was to head for Limoges, while doing an overnight stop on the way if the three to four hour journey seemed too much. All plans went out the window when we put the wrong overnight stop in the sat-nav and found ourselves heading towards Lyon/Clermont-Ferand. We attempted a stop near Neuvic, where there are plenty of campsites, but the signage was rubbish for all of them, not helped by local lunatics trying to overtake even when you are signaling to turn left. A motorhome going into a cammpsite? Obviously beyond the comprehension of the locals.

Eventually ended at a lovely campsite near Donzenac which was impossible to book into due to lack of anybody manning reception, and nobody answering any of the telephone numbers. Some French camper chap let us in but his wife seemed less than impressed. They didn’t let the next British van in. Wife ended up hugging and kissing us, but sadly I stood on her foot. Maybe we made friends, but who knows. They seemed happy enough and eventually somebody turned up at reception so we could pay for the night.

We tried some beef kidney stew for dinner, which would have been tasty forty years ago, but it was very rich and seemed not suited to our sanitized British taste buds. Then we remembered how difficult it is to by things like liver and kidney in the UK these days, even living in farming country.  This is no doubt down to all the mad cow carry on from a few decades ago, so thanks to whoever produced this public service advertisement at the time:

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