Gien – 3 July, and in early evening it gets warm and the sun comes out!

But we are off next day, so four days in this place has been a complete waste of time.  The campsite is ok, the shop looks good, but for goodness sake don’t go in five minutes before closing time because you will not be welcome.  Here is Gien in the sun:

Sunshine in Gien

Here is the Nuke with the clouds of smoke getting blown in a new direction:

The wines, we mean winds, have changed direction

The clouds of smoke are probably good news, since, given the location, this is probably a water cooled reactor, so if there are no clouds it is probably about to go into meltdown, and that would really put a downer on the holiday.

One of the more annoying things that can happen on a campsite is that you pay for your little bit of land for a couple of days and then somebody decides to use it as a shortcut to get to somewhere that is easily accessible on the designated paths.  So look at this joker:

Now you are on the internet and there is nothing you can do about it

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