Châtillon-sur-Seine to Briare – 07 September 2018

This looked like it would be a two and a half hour trek on the D956 through Auxerre.  Sat-nav had other ideas.  At least we went through some nice villages on the east of Auxerre side of the D956, including Chablis and Fleys.

We stopped to look at the vines:

Lovely vines – just ready for harvest

Chablis… yummy

Finally got to Briare after the epic detour and we will stay here for the weekend.  Fast free internet at the campsite and the town looks interesting.  Noticed that the Dampierre nuclear plant is still puffing away going up the A77, but unlike Gein the smoke is not visible from the campsite.

Canal at Briare

Lock at Briare

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