Cahors – 18 September 2018

The campsite is a bit further from the old town than we thought, looking at the location on the internet.  However, the park and ride is about twenty minutes walk away, where a free bus propels you into the town.  Cahors is a very nice place, and without a doubt one of the nicest cities we have visited in France.  It feels safe with a very pleasant vibe.  Obviously, every tourist heads for the Pont Valentré on arrival, as did we.

Fountain in Parc Philippe-Gaubert

Pont Valentré

According to The Devil, the chap responsible for building this thing sold his sold his soul to get help with the construction.  The Devil got fed up with the fellow trying to get out of the deal, and kept removing bricks to ensure the thing was never completed.

It’s The Devil, but does he look that scary?

This is more like it, we’ll have a case of that please, if The Devil doesn’t have a problem with it

It is in the thirties here, so after a couple of hours wandering around this fine city we are off for a rest.  Huge thunderstorms while updating this led to limited internet and loss of TV.  We will examine the old town tomorrow.

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