Lourmarin – 22 September 2017

Fridge empty, no wine, no food, and as much as it is nice here, we decided to move on.  Big debate as to whether to go to Massane, which we love, but where we were only four months ago, or somewhere new, or to somewhere we had been before but not for a while.  Last option, then.  We visited Lourmarin about six years ago and liked it a lot.  Topped up at the Super-U at Puyvert, a supermarket that is nearly impossible to find in the middle of nowhere.  Fridge now full and we have some wine on board.

Nice Fiat 500 (original) causing traffic chaos in Lourmarin

Route from Avignon, a scary place to drive out of during lunchtime rush-hour – even the locals were driving one another nuts with much pushing in tooting horns :

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